Selecting the right planters will enhance your space and add the right amount of greenery that you seek. We carry a wide variety of tabletop, floor and wall models. Please contact us for additional details.


Our team of seasoned interior designers will help you find the right solution to enhance your space, office or building. We welcome projects of all sizes to help turn your vision into reality. We offer Interior Design, Event Design, Silk Design, and Rotational Service.


We provide temporary plant rentals for events like birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings and corporate events. We ensure your property and event is appealing to your guests by creating natural and intimate ambiance. We also provide short term plant rental for residential events.

Horticultural Services

We make sure that all our installations look healthy and beautiful so you don’t need to worry about watering them or trimming your indoor plants. Our service includes maintaining optimum moisture levels, monitoring and providing nutritional needs, insect control, pruning , trimming and foliage cleaning.